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This page and the papers it contains reflect my understanding at the time at which they were written. They may or may not reflect my current thinking or understanding of the topic. Any constructive criticism on these papers will be appreciated. You may direct your comments to
philipbrown at apbrown2.net. All papers are Microsoft Word documents or Adobe .pdf.




Old Testament Theology (Top)

Word Studies

Subject Studies  

Book Theologies


Biblical Theology and Holiness (Top)

A file categorizing the OT and NT data regarding the glory of God along with some initial thoughts about the use of the phrase ‘glory of God.’ (Word version)

A sermon sketch (not full text) on the glory of God and prayer. The proposition developed from Matt. 6:9 is that God wants His glory to be our first priority in prayer.

Lecture notes from my Principles of Christian Life class on what it means to love God. Note: These notes have been significantly expanded and enhanced into a quarter’s worthy of Sunday School lessons are now available through Amazon.com.

         Pursuing Holiness: Filtering our Past and Focusing our Present with a Biblical-Theological Grid
(A paper presented 8/7/99 Louisville, KY. The paper charts the distinctions between Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology and then suggests what aspects of Holiness Theology, as propagated through the Conservative Holiness Movement, are systematic theology, which are biblical theology, and which are erroneous theology.)  

  • The Ethic of Love by Dr. Randy Leedy. Biblical Viewpoint 30 (1996). 1996 Bob Jones University
    (This article’s discussion of the meaning of love and its relationship to holiness provided the impetus and initial direction for my own thinking in this area.)



New Testament Studies (Top)


  • 1 John 3:6,9—Are Believer’s Characterized by Sin?
    In March 2002 at the Evangelical Theological Society’s southwestern regional meeting, James Erwin presented a paper entitled “Perfection and Sinlessness: A Survey of Approaches to 1 John 3:6, 9.” This is a partial response to that paper, specifically addressing whether Erwin is correct that arguments by Dodd, Fanning, and Marshall have demonstrated that the present tense verbs in 1 John 3:6, 9 cannot be interpreted as customary presents.



  • Loving Others When They Sin
    These are my current (1/22/05) lecture notes on how love for others motivates us to get involved in their lives when they sin to restore them to usefulness in God’s kingdom. I am not finished working on them, and will update them as my understanding develops.



Miscellaneous Studies (Top)


  • Mistakes to Avoid When Discussing Divorce and Remarriage new
    Presented at the 2008 Fall Aldersgate Forum, this
    paper identifies twenty mistakes to avoid when discussing the issue of divorce and remarriage. It also seeks to address two key questions regarding those who are divorced and remarried: 1) are such persons living in adultery, and 2) is it God's will that such persons separate from their second partner and return to their first partner where possible.




  • Categories of Truth vs. Categories of Exegetical Certainty: What really matters and how much does it matter?
    This paper was presented at the Bible Faculty Leadership Summit of fundamental seminaries and colleges held at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, August 4-6, 2005. It is a response to Dr. Kevin Bauder’s AACCS address entitled “A Fundamentalism Worth Saving.” The paper addresses three issues: hermeneutical transparency in formulating and applying the biblical doctrine of separation, a framework for evaluating applications of the biblical doctrine of separation, and pedagogical suggestions for refreshing the fundamentalist classroom ethos.



  • Biblical, Systematic, and Consensual Theology
    These are my thoughts regarding how Wesleyans should do theology. They diverge significantly from the standard presentations on this topic, calling us away from our preoccupation with staying within the bounds of our tradition to a preoccupation with fidelity to and comprehensive engagement with God’s word.



Book Reviews (Top)




Personal Information (Top)

         Stephen Nathaniel Brown born October 2, 2008! 6.12oz, 19.25in. Pictures

         Daniel Mark Brown born September 19, 2006! 8.3oz, 20.5in. For pictures, check out Marianne’s blog

         Allan Philip Brown III born April 7, 2004! 7.13oz, 21in. For baby pictures, click here. More up to date pictures found on Marianne’s blog.

         Currently residing in Cincinnati, OH. Current home address: 1815 Josephine St. Cincinnati, OH 45219. School email: pbrown@gbs.edu; Home: 513-684-0359; Office: 513-721-7944 ext. 1341.

         Graduated! May 4, 2002 from Bob Jones University with PhD in OT Interpretation. Picture

         Married! July 28, 2001 in New Columbia, PA. to Marianne Slagenweit from Martinsburg, PA. She graduated with a M.Ed. from BJU on May 4, 2002. She is currently an adjunct instructor in the College.

Professional Experience & Publications  

    • 2010, October. Presented the Chamberlain Holiness Lectures along with my father, Dr. Allan P. Brown, at Wesley Biblical Seminary.
    • 2010, February. A Reader’s Hebrew and Greek Bible published by Zondervan.
    • 2009, June. Fourth printing of A Reader’s Hebrew Bible. Most of the errata I’ve found and that has been reported to me is corrected in this printing. See here for a complete list.
    • 2009, February. Hope Amidst Ruin: A Literary and Theological Analysis of Ezra. This is a slightly edited version of my dissertation now published by Bob Jones University Press. BJU Seminary is publishing what they consider their best dissertations in a monograph series.
    • 2008, May. A Reader’s Hebrew Bible. Bryan Smith and I contracted with Zondervan Publishing Company to publish a companion volume to A Reader’s Greek New Testament. This volume includes the entire masoretic text of the Old Testament from the Leningrad Codex. All words (actually, lemmas) that occur less than 100 times are glossed from HALOT & BDB, and at times The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew. Includes two appendices: a glossary of Hebrew words occuring more than 100x, and a list of all known differences between BHS and RHB. Preview available here. Errata list available here.
    • 2006, March. I Believe: Fundamentals of the Christian Faith. Cincinnati: Revivalist Press, 2006. Contributed three chapters to this book. Chapter 5—Sin: The Root of Every Problem; Chapter 9—Salvation: God’s Provision; Chapter 10—Salvation: God’s Work and Our Response. This book is an excellent resource for young people who want to understand the fundamentals of the Christian Faith. If college freshman came into our Bible colleges knowing what this book teaches, we would be able to start them near where we now graduate them.
    • 2006, March. Loving God: The Primary Principle of the Christian Life. Cincinnati: Revivalist Press, 2006. This series of 12 lessons explores what it means to love God totally. For a look at the cover and table of contents, click here.
    • 2005 Four article series "Studies in the Book of Ezra" in the 2005 Bibliotheca Sacra series.
    • 2004 Entire dissertation published on Bible.org.
    • 2004, August. Taught 16 hour seminar in Biblical Hermeneutics in Banaue, Philippines for the Shepherd’s Institute, a ministry of the Philippines Bible Methodist Church.
    • 2007- Associate Professor at God’s Bible School and College in Cincinnati, OH.
    • 2002-2007 Assistant Professor at God’s Bible School and College in Cincinnati, OH.
      • Fall Classes: Greek I, Pentateuch, Prison Epistles, Advanced Homiletics, Principles of Christian Life I, Pastoral Teaching Practicum
      • Spring Classes: Greek I, Greek II, General Epistles, Principles of Christian Life II, Life of Christ
    • 1998-2002. Full-time staff member at Bob Jones University. I graded tests, managed databases, and programmed VBA applications for the Office of Extended Education. Occasionally had the privilege of substitute teaching in the Seminary (Old Testament Theology, New Testament Theology, 2 Corinthians in Greek, Revelation in Greek, Aramaic).
    • 1999, January -- Taught a 20-hour seminar in Old Testament Theology in the Dominican Republic
    • 1997-1998, Summers -- Wrote a 13-lesson college-level Sunday School series: "Developing Biblical Interpersonal Relationships." Published by Bob Jones University Press.
    • 1993-1998 -- Greek graduate assistant in Elementary and Intermediate Greek. Co-editor along with Bryan Smith of the third edition of Bob Jones University’s Handbook of New Testament Greek. In addition to refining the 1st year material, the third edition significantly expanded the second year material, providing fuller explanations and examples.

Ministry Involvement  

o        2009 Summer Evangelist for Great Lakes Bible Methodist Conference camp in Rock Lake, MI.

o        2008 Summer Lectured in Grand Cayman at the Wesleyan Holiness Church on Loving God: The Primary Principle of the Christian Life.

o        2007 Summer Lectured in Isabella, Philippines on “Loving God: The Primary Principle of the Christian Life” at the Shepherd’s Institute.

o        2007 Spring Held Lifestyle Summit for Les Roberts in Idaho.

o        2006 Summer Served as an evangelist at Ontario Holiness Association campmeeting and Mode Camp in Illinois.

o        2005 Summer Lectured in Nairobi, Kenya on Loving God & Holiness at the “Beauty of Holiness” conference for Kenyan ministers.

o        2003-present Young Adult SS teacher at Burlington Bible Methodist Church

o        2002-present Serving as small group discipleship mentor on GBS’ campus

o        2002 Ordained as an elder in the Alabama Bible Methodist Connection of Churches

o        1997-2002 Associate pastor at Easley Bible Methodist Church

o        1997-2002 Young Adult SS teacher at Easley Bible Methodist Church

o        1993-2002 Member of Easley Bible Methodist Church, Easley, SC.

o        1991-1992 Assistant to the chaplain at Glades Correctional Institute, Belle Glade, FL


    • OT Interpretation Ph.D., 2002, Bob Jones University
    • M.A. in Bible, 1995, Bob Jones University
    • B.A. in Ministerial Studies, 1993, Hobe Sound Bible College
    • Chinese studies at Peking University, Beijing, China (1989-90)


Title: A Literary and Theological Analysis of the Book of Ezra
The complete dissertation is available online at Bible.org.
Published in 2009 as Hope Amidst Ruin (Bob Jones University Press)


Updated last on 12/31/2010

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